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Hello there,

Kuzuzangpo la! I am Rinchen Wangdi, a self learnt and independent  Artist from Bhutan - currently residing in Australia.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have watched my videos or followed me on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog. Or if you're new to me, Welcome on board! 

I have lived and fascinated by arts throughout my humble life - inspired by nature, creativity and happiness. Since early 2020, the Covid-19 saga has let me brush my passion bit deeper. I felt so sorry to the affected families and created some spiritual arts seeking homage and help. Those arts got into many hearts that boosted   my inspiration - which led to an official birth of RW Arts. I will art until I reach "a wholesome hearts" and when I no longer can. To me, A thing of art is joy forever.

If you find happiness in Arts, you have come to the right place. My arts are in diverse range from drawing to painting to photography. These are deeply themed in creating happiness - where it's interwoven by Nature, Portraits, Adventures, Spirituality, Fascinations, Actions and Contemporary. I will also focus on customized arts, so that art lovers like you will have freedom of choice and personalised satisfaction. 

Photography is another area of my passion. Portraiture and landscape are the key areas - macro photography down the line.  Most of my best arts depend on the quality of photographs and of course the creativity. Through the lens and imaginations, I find happiness in the beauty of nature and arts. I am certain that you will find joy in my arts as much as I do. I also find joy in sharing my arts, so keep an eye on my online Art Store.

Some of the funds from the sales will go to charity organizations. It will be mentioned on the particular art as to where the support goes. I will art for your happiness and together let's aim for gross happiness!

Please keep supporting and be happy this very moment. THANK YOU so much for your support and it means a lot.

Want to know more?

Following lines and images will tell you more about me.


A self portrait, 2020

Early life

- Started humble and simple life

I was born to the most humble and one of the biggest families in the countryside of Eastern Bhutan. Both my parents are farmers, who have raised eight of us with great difficulty. I know this vividly and will remember throughout my life. Education for them was not lit or probably never heard. As you would imagine and if you wonder how, we have overcome adversity with contentment and simplicity. Remarkably, they have parented so well and instilled a formal education to most of us. I started my education with slate board and a chalk as in the photo (Please note: I do not appear in the photo. PS is from FaceBook but actual source unknown). Thanks to Bhutan’s free education and healthcare services, which still exists.


In my journey of arts, with good reminiscence - I haven’t received any sort of trainings. I can tell you though, in my notebooks there was no room for clean pages – all filled with some sort of arts. And it went beyond on to windows, doors, boxes, slabs, plates, shirts and essentially anything that can be drawn on.  I participated in some art competitions and won few awards. I loved to art mostly nature, spiritual or farm related. Bhutan has rich and varied cultural activities in schools. Teachers would use me well during such occasions to create arts, writings, etc. - I was like a printer! But teachers have treated me very well and I really loved it. I still remember a nice dinner with my language teacher after I painted his archery accessories (traditional). 

- Started humble and simple life

A classroom in Bhutan in 1980s.


Photography in action, Bhutan

Education & Profession

- An eternal learner and served as a Ranger

Most of my schooling years ended in boarding schools. There is no boundary in learning for me - focus, determination and hard work are fundamental tools. I performed well and my aims were set respectively high but couldn't fulfil. Pursuing higher studies was unconceivable with a narrow financial upkeep – so I opted for an early employment. As a big brother, I am obliged to second my parents to help other siblings - which I still do!


Fortunately, I turned to be a Ranger and reconnected with nature – served with love and terrific dedication for half a decade in National Parks and Sanctuaries. Nature is truly a joy forever and a good teacher. Here is my best experience; I worked closely with Black-necked Cranes for years and they taught me The power of true love – follow my art and blog to learn more. 


One will regret to return from nature tours with no photo. I did many times until I uncovered a Nikon camera sitting idle in our office store covered in dusts. Since then, I taught myself the art of Photography - check out my photos. I still want to learn more.


If you ask me about my art for all those years, I was doing some traditional and family portraits. Most of the leisure time was put in a newly found passion. After all I realised, "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck", - Dalai Lama, this quote legitimately fits very well in my voyages and is one of my fave. You will come to know more in following lines.


Finding second home

- Australian Awards Alumnus on a hard decision

My zest for learning brought me to Australia as one of the Endeavour Scholars – as prestigious as one could imagine.  It's a dream come true to land on the 'land of opportunities'. I couldn't thank more to Australian Government. It is a great nation founded on multicultural values, freedom of rights and many more vital principles. Subsequently, I found the values are genuine and I am so proud to have acquired several qualifications – all connected to nature.


Few years ago we had to make a hard choice – a red or green apple? My family perceived both the habitations in Bhutan and Australia. Each nation has different taste to offer that is equally perfect from humanitarian aspects. We found a second home and remain thankful to Australians for accepting my family into their communities. There are sea of opportunities out there but one should know how to harness them well – I don’t think I am good enough yet. 


I failed again to find a spot in Australian Parks and Reserves but this time I wasn't overwhelmed as I knew there was good fortune waiting. Expectedly, things turned out right to find myself in hospitality services – a new experience that helps me wear a smile. Nevertheless, I am still intake with my passion to find balance in life - no one can predict where the passion will lead!

new logo.png

- A true passion takes its turn

new logo.png

The birth of RW Arts

Novel Coronavirus saga has overruled 2020 and still so dynamic. Everyone is affected to a certain degree and I am no exception. I was stood down for several months - still not recovered. The pandemic is on the horizon, everyone was helpless especially the most affected folks. All I could do was stay home, pray and art. Deeming in the power of optimism, I did spiritual arts seeking homage and blessing from above. I was so astounded by the reactions received on the social media. I realised, arts could be one of the best communication tools to spread happiness!


Founded on the paradigm of happiness, RW Arts is born. Deeply inspired by nature, creativity and happiness. I would like to state, A thing of art is joy forever. I commit to art as far as it goes and create happiness along the way. I am aiming to offer donations to charity organizations. Please support and spread the happiness by owning my arts.

Thank you again for being with me thus far!


Reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, advises, etc. If you're around, feel free to join for a nice coffee chat.